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At Women In Money, we're more than just an organisation; we're a movement dedicated to redefining success for women across the globe. Founded by the visionary Irina Sebastião, whose personal journey from a high-flying career to embracing motherhood inspired the creation of this platform, Women In Money is a testament to the belief that women should never have to choose between professional success and personal fulfilment.

Our Philosophy

We understand that every woman's journey to financial independence and entrepreneurial success is unique. That's why we've crafted a holistic approach to empowerment, offering a suite of services designed to meet you where you are on your journey. From groundbreaking courses on entrepreneurship and personal development to wellness programs that nurture both body and mind, we provide the tools and resources to help you thrive.


Exclusive Membership

Our Exclusive Empowerment Club membership is at the heart of what we offer. Priced at £49.99 a month, it opens the door to a world of opportunities, including a 10% discount on all our courses, early access to new programs, and one-on-one coaching sessions. This membership is designed to ignite your potential and fuel your journey to success.

A Community That Cares

Perhaps the most vital aspect of Women In Money is our community. It's a vibrant, supportive network of women who share your aspirations, understand your challenges, and celebrate your victories. Our community events, both online and in-person, offer a space to connect, learn, and grow together. It's a place where you're encouraged to be your best self, surrounded by women who genuinely care and inspire you to achieve more.

Our Services

Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Courses: From taking your first step in entrepreneurship to mastering your mindset for success, our courses are designed to propel you forward.
Wellness Programs: Because success isn't just about work; it's about well-being too.
One-on-One Coaching: Personalised guidance from experts who can help you navigate your path to success.
Networking Events: Connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

At Women In Money, we believe in the power of community, education, and support to transform lives. Our mission is to provide an inclusive space where every woman can find the resources, encouragement, and love she needs to reach her fullest potential. Join us, and let's create a future where women can truly have it all.


Irina Sebastião is the pioneering CEO of Women In Money, whose personal and professional journey embodies the essence of resilience and innovation. Her career, which began at 16 and spanned over 17 years, was marked by remarkable dedication and success in the corporate realm. However, at 33, faced with the pivotal choice between her career and starting a family, Irina chose the latter, reshaping her views on success and work-life balance.

This life-changing decision inspired Irina to found Women In Money, a platform dedicated to empowering women to achieve professional success without sacrificing personal fulfilment. Women In Money is Irina's response to the outdated notion that women must choose between a career and family life. The organisation offers comprehensive programs that equip women with the skills and knowledge necessary for financial independence, personal growth, and balanced living.

Irina's vision is clear: to create a future where women do not have to compromise on their dreams. Under her leadership, Women In Money is not just a company but a movement towards a world where achieving professional greatness and personal happiness go hand in hand, ensuring that women can truly have it all.

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